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Published on 10 June 2022

Is the will a sensitive topic for you?

In some cultures, the will remains a difficult subject to discuss, and is even perceived as an act that leads to death, a superstition that…

Published on 10 March 2022

Buying a house: who chooses the notary?

You’ve finally found the house of your dreams and your promise to purchase is signed. You make a few calls and choose a notary you…

Real Estate Law
Published on 14 December 2021

The Offer to Purchase and Your Notary

Whether you are a real estate investor or looking for your first home, you will need to sign an offer to purchase to buy a…

Published on 13 December 2021

The Notary: The Real Estate Investor’s Ally

As a real estate investor, you must surround yourself with a team of qualified professionals to guide you through many daily tasks. Your notary plays…

Published on 29 November 2021

Tips for a Seamless Property Purchase Offer

You are about to become a homeowner. After several visits, you have finally found the perfect house. But before getting the keys, there are several…

Published on 1 November 2021

Your Notary and good relationships

You know certain deeds must be certified. You know your notary is an expert in real estate and commercial law. You know she can help…

Family Mediation
Published on 1 November 2021

My blended family

  Life Life is unpredictable, but it’s good nonetheless. I became a notary and a mom, not necessarily in that order. Each role has brought…

Published on 28 September 2021

Co-Parenting after Uncoupling

Can we continue to be allies after separation or divorce? Could we work together for the sake of our children? Are our disagreements more important…

Published on 28 September 2021

5 tips for a win-win family mediation on both sides

Did you say divorce or separation? Are you thinking of betrayal, arguments and anger? Many divorces and separations in Quebec are actually resolved amicably. Of…

Human Rights
Published on 28 September 2021

Making your will online

Making your will online for a low fee almost seems too good to be true. Yet, it’s possible as several websites offer this type of…

Immigration Law
Published on 28 September 2021

Super Visa

What About Exploring The Super Visa? Tired of waiting to have your parents or grandparents come to Canada? Their names never seem to get drawn…

Published on 28 September 2021

3 tips for your loved ones to rest assured, as you rest in peace

Success and peace of mind are only a few of the many wishes you can send to your loved ones at the beginning of this…

Published on 23 June 2021

Paying Less: At Your Own Risk

We all want to pay less. The idea is appealing, especially when large amounts of money are at stake, such as the purchase of a…

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