Our Fine-Tuned Team

Maître Véronique Semexant



Véronique Semexant is the opposite of how we picture a notary. She not only applies the law, but also lived it! The work she has been passionate about for over ten years has been allowing her to be close to people. Welcoming, calm and empathetic, she has a way of simplifying concepts, all the more when clients are going through difficult times.

First trained as a lawyer at Université Laval then as a notary at Université de Montréal, Véronique is known for her conciliatory skills. She has been practising family mediation since 2018. Originally from Haiti, she is very involved in the community and women’s groups, especially immigrants. Raising their standard of living and offering them maximum protection is close to her heart.

Véronique also trains the next generation as a lecturer at the University of Ottawa. Passing on her love of the profession is part of her mission! Her accessibility and openness are only a few qualities that illustrate the big heart of this notary, much appreciated in the region.

Me Jonathan Bouchard



Jonathan is a true pillar of the team. This organized, sociable and empathetic person is the neighbour everyone would like to have! He loves to pass on and share his knowledge, particularly to the many trainees working at the firm.

Nothing stops this extreme sportsman. From road cycling to Thai boxing, and motocross, Jonathan can’t imagine a life without action.

He specializes in wills, mandates and successions. Having experienced the life of a blended family, he understands its complexity and challenges.

Me Paule St-Pierre



Paule chose notarial work to help people. Rigorous and very professional, she’d “rather prevent than cure”, which is precisely what her career allows her to do: inform, educate and support her clients to help shelter them from life’s pitfalls.

With great listening skills, Paule can communicate in French, English, and Spanish. Before joining the team of Your Notary, she completed a Bachelor of Law degree from Université Laval and a master’s degree in notarial law at Université de Montréal.

Paule very much appreciates the National Capital Region’s living environment. Nature’s proximity, multiculturalism as well as tango (her passion!) led her to move to Gatineau-Ottawa region.

There are two types of people: those who read instruction manuals from beginning to end before even trying new products, and those who learn by trial-and-error. In law, the second method can be very time, money and stress-consuming! Be sure to avoid this and come meet with her. And it just so happens she is of the first kind!

Me Sandra Toussaint



After receiving the equivalent of a law degree from Université de Montréal, she completed a master’s degree in international and transnational law and a master’s degree in notarial law at Université Laval. Her areas of practice are immigration, real estate and family law.

Born in Haiti, she has been a notary since 2021. As the fourth daughter of her family, Sandra has known since childhood that she would become a notary. She has always been the one to mediate conflicts, constantly looking for solutions.

Chef at heart, she finds solace in baking and food.

Me Dany Nakad



Holder of a law degree from the Lebanese University in Lebanon, when I arrived in Quebec I decided to go beyond the beaten track and return to the benches of the university.

In 2017, I obtained a Bachelor of Civil Law degree from the University of Ottawa, LL.M. During my studies, I realized that notarial work suited my personality. I am a person who enjoys writing, listening carefully to people and responding to their needs. I then completed my Masters in Notarial Law in 2019 at the same university.

After completing my internship there in the fall of 2018, supervised by Me Jonathan Bouchard, I joined the Votre Notaire office in June 2019. Always listening to my clients, I aim to establish a relationship of trust with them by offering services tailored to the needs of each person. I practice in real estate law, inheritance law and the drafting of wills and protection mandates. I can serve you in French and English, as well as in Arabic.

Father of two children, I actively participate in my family’s activities. We play soccer and basketball, we ride bikes and we watch sports on TV.