Why Choose Us?

Our Personalized Guidance

Our team will take care of you from start to finish, helping you make informed decisions based on your situation. You will emerge from the process better informed, more confident and with peace of mind. Never be shy to ask questions, we love to answer them!

Our Humane Approach

Notarial work does not revolve around paperwork! We are empathetic to your realities and emotions. Our role is to inform, support and protect you, even in the most complex or delicate situations, such as:

  • Becoming a blended family;
  • Ending a business relationship;
  • Being parents to a disabled child;
  • Preparing your will;
  • Purchasing or selling a property after losing a loved one;
  • Protecting assets when immigrating;
  • The loss of independence (yourself or a member of your family).

Our Commitment to Community

Our team of professionals has been established in the region for years. Your well-being and protection are dear to our hearts. Additionally, we are proud to offer services in English, French, Creole, Arabic and Spanish!