Immigration Law

A person immigrating to Québec will bring their language, cultural, culinary, legal background, and much more. That being said, the process of immigrating can become complex and the risk of error can be very costly.

Immigrating to a new country is stressful enough, so why not give yourself peace of mind by working with professionals? Your Notary’s crew is here to help you navigate the various requirements, such as translating and certifying your diplomas and legal documents, obtaining the appropriate visa, as well as everything related to inheritance, which is different for immigrants than for citizens.

By working with Your Notary, you will benefit from the support of a woman who has already gone through the immigration process herself! Having immigrated from Haiti, Your Notary’s founder, Véronique Semexant, is committed to the community and makes herself very accessible to her clients. She also offers her services virtually and in 5 languages: English, French, Creole, Arabic and Spanish.

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Immigration Law
Published on28 September 2021

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