My blended family



Life is unpredictable, but it’s good nonetheless.
I became a notary and a mom, not necessarily in that order. Each role has brought its shares of growth, suffering, complaints and celebration, again, not always in that order.

Today, I see clearly how being a notary and a mom are complement themselves. And, I need also to take into account being a business woman, a spouse, a step-mother, and think of child benefits, shared custody, divorce, modifying wills, acknowledgment of paternity, life insurance, retirement funds and the list continues.


Before my children were born I would have never guessed the conciliator that I was. Today, as one of the growing statistics of blended families, I know that I would not want to leave their care to mere fate, should I one day be unable to look after them.

The notary in me knows that once you become a mother, you are a mother for life, not matter that shape of your family. When beginning a new relationship, certain things are not longer taken for granted. Should I marry or draft a common-law agreement? Should I change beneficiaries in my insurance? Does my will represent my present reality? Do I wish to join retirement funds? Are the children protected? Do I protect the ex-spouse for the children? Or the new spouse for the home?


Every parent in charge of daily life knows what is best for their family. The notary will plan and prepare for the future in accordance with her legal training. I would have never thought of certain scenarios had I not become a notary. I would have never imagined my life as it is today, had someone predicted my future in my twenties. My professional experience has demonstrated that each client that requires my help is in a unique situation. However, if some cases are similar, they can also be avoided.

These days, nothing is more valuable than the feeling of confidence and security you will gain from a healthy management of your assets and protecting your family. Life is unpredictable, but you can lessen the unpleasant surprises.

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