About us

Your Notary can play a leading role in all stages of your life.

Our team will guide you through the accomplishment of projects with confidence, and help you avoid hassle. In love, business, and through major transitions, your reality is yours only. With Your Notary, your cases will be treated with respect, rigour and attentiveness.

Is notarial work … complicated? Not with us. We focus on simplicity and clarity to ensure your experience is valuable and pleasant. From beginning to end, you are accompanied by a legal professional. Any question is welcome, and we make time to answer.

The devil is in the detail… Yes, and detail is our business.

We do the necessary research and verification so that no detail is forgotten and, therefore, no unpleasant surprises await. Notaries are highly educated and must educate themselves regularly to keep abreast of developments in laws.

A touch of joy? Our notaries are professionals who enjoy human contact. They work hard, and doing so in a good atmosphere is a thousand times better!

My notary frightens me… The stark atmosphere of the past is over and done! Here, we offer either virtual or face-to-face meetings in our light-filled offices. And yes, smiles are free!

Our professionals are here to offer you legal advice and notary services, with the most humane approach possible.