Co-Parenting after Uncoupling

Can we continue to be allies after separation or divorce? Could we work together for the sake of our children? Are our disagreements more important than their well-being? What was our initial agreement? How was our parental project born (planning, sharing and vision)?

Those are questions I have often asked myself as a person, sister, woman, mom, wife, stepmom.

How do our decisions impact their lives? More often than not (in our case, at least), we chose to become parents. What was at that point our definition of a parent, their role. From the day they are born, we are overwhelmed with love, and promise them way more than we have been given in life.

What if… after uncoupling, the family unit remained? To our children, we are still their parents, those they build their personality upon. What example do we want to set: positive or negative? They will depend on us at least through independence.

We will have to cater to their financial, emotional and psychological needs, and assists them in becoming independent and balanced adults. The parenting plan has to evolve and be adjustable to adapt to the children’s needs. Should we be creative or strict?

We can help you with the establishment or revision of the alimony plan, child custody, access rights, the amicable divorce, the legal separation and the division of property. We can relieve you of a lot of stress.

OIn all of this, the important thing is communication. And at the heart of all your decisions, the well-being of the child. This is a successful co-parenting.