5 tips for a win-win family mediation on both sides

Did you say divorce or separation? Are you thinking of betrayal, arguments and anger? Many divorces and separations in Quebec are actually resolved amicably. Of course, both sides must agree to this type of conflict resolution, and in matters of conflict family mediation can be profitable for everyone.

If you need a quick, affordable and amicable resolution to your breakup, these 5 tips will make your family mediation a win-win situation for everyone.

Whether you need to resolve your separation, the amount of child support or to determine the conditions of shared custody of your children, choose a mediator together. When you agree on this choice and you trust the mediator, you are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome. Furthermore, if you are parents, you know thiswill not be the last decision you make together.

The composition of families may change, but you will always remain a parent. Put some time aside to have an open discussion amongst yourself before the first consultation with the mediator. Hence, the hardest part of the session will be covered. Even though you may not agree on everything the mediator’s job is not to twist your arm but rather to bring your positions closer together. See them more as referee than a judge.

For you to come to an agreement, you must first be clear on your needs, your principles and your end goal. Take the time to determine this on your own. The mediator will go over it with you but it’s helpful to know this in advance.

If you have doubts or questions that arise during the mediation session, you are free to consult another professional for advice tailored to your situation. Do not hesitate to have the agreement reviewed before signing it. The mediator will encourage you to do so. Your mediator is neutral and may not take sides with either party.

Last but not least, remember that nothing is set in stone. When changes occur in either of your personal situations, you may consult a mediator again. Also keep in mind that the mediation agreement does not need to be sanctioned before a court. If for whatever reason you do not reach an agreement, you may present the case before a judge without prejudice to either party.